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P. Harm of S element content on mechanical properties of precision steel pipe

Author: Source: Date: March 16, 2019 11:55
Often heard Precision steel pipe The lower the content of P and s, the better, but many people may not know why the lower the better? Today, talk about the hazards of PS and the national standard in the content is how much.
one   The harm of S
The distribution of sulfide inclusions in the steel plate along the rolling direction is the origin of ductile tearing, which reduces the toughness and lamellar tearing resistance of precision steel pipe. Sulfur in precision steel pipe is harmful to hot working and welding. It can form FES with iron easily γ- Fe forms eutectic with low melting point (the melting point of Fe FES eutectic is 985 ℃). During hot working (1000-1200 ℃), eutectic melts, resulting in the fracture of precision steel pipe at high temperature, which is called "hot brittleness". At high welding temperature, FES and molten iron can be infinitely miscible. When molten pool solidifies, FES and Fe or FeO form eutectic with low melting point, which may lead to crystallization crack of weld.
two   Hazards of P
The solution hardening and cold work hardening of P in steel are very strong. It increases the strength and hardness of precision steel pipe, and decreases the plasticity and toughness (especially low temperature toughness), which is the cold brittleness of steel. The segregation of phosphorus in the steel increases the temper brittleness of the steel (Cr Mo steel is more obvious).
Controlling or reducing the content of S and P in steel can not only improve the plasticity and toughness of precision steel pipe, improve the welding performance, reduce the cold and hot brittleness and temper brittleness, but also improve the cleanliness of precision steel pipe, reduce the brittle transition temperature, and improve the z-direction performance of thick plate along the thickness direction. This is one of the most important ways to improve the toughness of precision steel pipe.

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Contact person: factory director Wang mobile phone: 13963013099 18963561655
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