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What are the heat treatment methods for precision tubes?

Author: Liaocheng precision steel pipe factory source: unknown date: February 18, 2019 20:16
     Precision tube heat Treatment and other steel heat treatment is divided into three categories, namely, in order to meet the production requirements The final heat treatment is required for the performance of the product. According to the requirements of the user and the standard, the heat treatment state is adopted Heat treatment of delivery; Heat treatment between working procedures in steel pipe manufacturing process. recognize
    Quenching, tempering, normalizing and annealing are commonly used in heat treatment of precision tubes. example For example, the casing, oil pipe, drill pipe, pipeline pipe, etc. in the oil special pipe, according to the steel grade The process of normalizing, normalizing and tempering, and tempering plus tempering are adopted for low temperature response; High pressure boiler tube High pressure fertilizer pipe is usually normalized, normalized and tempered, solid solution of austenitic stainless steel The steel pipe is cooled rapidly at high temperature to obtain solid solution and saturated solid solution The heat treatment process of; Spheroidizing annealing of steel pipe for bearing. Some alloys are higher In order to prevent cracking and deformation of precision tubes before use, users and standards usually need to The production plant is required to deliver the goods in the state of heat treatment, and the production plant needs heat treatment such as annealing and normalizing.

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Contact person: factory director Wang mobile phone: 13963013099 18963561655
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