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Supply and demand of precision bright tube of "golden March" keeps improving

Author: Liaocheng precision steel pipe factory source: unknown date: March 12, 2019 10:05

   “ Golden March Precision bright tube Supply and demand continued to improve in peak season, and inventory fell for the first time in the year, in line with expectations On Friday, the total inventory of large varieties of precision bright tubes was 25209400 tons, down 538900 tons on a month on month basis, realizing the first drop since this year, reflecting the rapid recovery of demand under the background of loose capital, which is in line with expectations. From the micro transaction data, this week, the volume of national precision steel pipe remained above 150000 tons, about 150000 tons, close to the peak season level, and the demand for precision bright pipe improved month on month. At present, the demand for building materials is better than that of the same period last year. The apparent consumption of precision bright tubes reached 3557000 tons this week, an increase of 433100 tons compared with the same period of the lunar calendar. Last Friday, the weekly output of large timber fell. In addition to the maintenance of rolling line, the environmental protection in northern China is becoming more and more strict, which can not be ignored. Since March, the air pollution in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region has been aggravated, and the efforts to limit the production of blast furnace in the region have been strengthened. Tangshan and Wu'an regions have implemented production restriction, and Taiyuan and Weifang have started emergency response to heavy pollution weather. Under the influence of heavy pollution weather in northern China, the production expansion space of long process steel plant is limited. In terms of EAF, affected by a small increase in scrap price after the year, the current production cost of EAF is relatively high in the whole country. Except for South China and southwest China, the price difference in other regions is still hanging upside down. Under the pressure of profit, the operating rate of EAF is at a low level, and the EAF will resume operation substantially or remains to be done Precision bright tube Prices are picking up. downstream The loose capital promotes the demand to start earlier, and counter cyclical regulation ensures the demand of precision management Benefited from the relatively loose capital of the industry this year, the terminal demand started quickly. Although the rainy weather occurred in South China and East China in February, the impact on the resumption rhythm was limited. This year, the performance of precision bright tube exceeded the expectation. Recently, Henan, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places successively held the centralized commencement ceremony of key projects, and the new factories started to be used for construction Precision bright tube Demand forms stable support. At present, the government has strengthened counter cyclical regulation, the approval and implementation of infrastructure projects have been significantly accelerated, the scale of local bond issuance has increased, the issuance rhythm has been advanced, and the source of capital construction funds has been guaranteed in advance. The incremental demand for steel for infrastructure construction is expected to become this year Precision bright tube Demand highlights.

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